“From the commercial heart of Beirut to the world, Cedar Glass boasts almost 40 years of global experience”

In the early 1960’s, an ambitious man sold glass tableware from a chariot on the infamously commercial streets of Beirut, Lebanon. Perseverance and a vision later, Mr. Ali Kesserwani and his sons overlook manufacturing facilities, numerous wholesale branches, and import/export routes across the Middle East & Africa regions. Their business proudly sells goods ranging from enamel kitchenware and porcelain ware, to tableware and furniture.

Decades of continuous efforts were materialized in the champion project: Cedar Glass, a glass tableware manufacturing establishment located in Sadat City, Egypt aiming to pioneer in the glass tableware industry worldwide.

Cedar Glass is leveraging over 40 years of expertise in the industry and striving to modernize it through cutting edge technologies of automation to obtain a robust 150+ product line with capacity for high-standard customization. At over 100 tons produced per day, a 24/7 production rate using European facilities, and export routes all over the globe, the world class Cedar Glass factory will continue to raise the industry’s performance bar.


Driven by 45 years of heritage and industry know-how, Cedar Glass aims to profitably provide value-for-money home, food & beverage glassware in the MENA and international markets by maintaining a constant drive for proactive management, integrating local and global perspectives, implementing leading standards in quality assurance and preserving a reputation of excellence and dedication to the people and the environment.


To become a leading global provider of quality Home and Food & Beverage glassware products, focused on customer preferences, demand trends, innovation, operational excellence and above all our profound concern towards the quality of life in our communities.